Car Audio Installation in Oshkosh, WI

Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Audio System

Is the factory audio system in your car, truck, or SUV not up to your expectations? It’s hard to be satisfied with your vehicle’s factory sound system. Achieve better audio quality with a new stereo system, including receivers, amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. With over 8 years of previous experience working as an installer at Exclusive Company, Arden's Automotive Hospital can help you install a system that will satisfy your audio needs.

No matter what you're looking for, we have you covered. If you need new head units, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, or some other car audio installation, come to Arden's Automotive Hospital today. Arden’s is here to ensure that your stereo is properly installed and installed right the first time.

Car Audio Installation Experts Who Are Ready to Help

At Arden's Automotive Hospital, we pride ourselves on honesty, trustworthiness, and quality customer service. Our goal is to help every single customer who walks through our doors achieve the best car stereo installation possible, and our team of experts will do everything possible to help you walk away happy.

When you get your brand new car stereo system installed, it will look like your car came that way! We bring professionalism and accountability to any and all jobs we undertake and do anything and everything necessary to get you the car stereo system of your dreams. If you have any questions about your car stereo installation, our experts are more than happy to help!

Speaker Installation

It's no secret that factory car speakers are designed to be cost-effective, not great sounding. Quality aftermarket speakers allow you to enjoy your music loud and clear and can put life back into your music. There are lots of options for every budget and musical preference, as well as different sizes and types to fit whatever you drive. Whether you're looking for an improvement over your factory speakers or a total system upgrade - we have you covered.

Subwoofer Installation

Adding a subwoofer is one of the best improvements in sound quality you can make. Even the best component speakers won't give you rich lower frequencies. Your speakers can do the highs and the midrange, but to truly get the full sound, you will need a subwoofer.

Without a subwoofer, you're literally missing one-third of your music. Subwoofers let you hear parts of your music that your other speakers can't produce, such as low notes and the bass. Subwoofers are always recommended if you want to hear the full impact of your favorite music.

Amplifier Installation

Every single car audio system needs to have an amplifier! The extra power will make your music sound clear at any volume and you won't have to turn the stereo up all the way to hear all the details in your music. If you like it loud, the added power of an outboard amplifier is exactly what you need to give you louder sound without distortion.

If you're ready to get your music sounding crystal clear no matter the volume, contact us or call Arden’s at (920) 203-3694.

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