Preventative Maintenance Services in Oshkosh, WI

The best way to avoid expensive repairs to your vehicle is to read the owners manual and follow the recommended scheduled maintenance. This is important because it was written by the people that know the vehicle the best. Your vehicle’s manual provides instructions for how often you need to change oil, filters, belts, spark plugs, tires and more.

Bring your vehicle to Arden’s and keep your vehicle in top shape by performing the following maintenance:

  • Inspect and replace timing belts (preventing damage to other accessories)
  • Inspect and replace serpentine belts (preventing damage to other accessories)
  • Check and change oil
  • Check and replace the battery
  • Check and replace cabin air filters
  • Check and replace your engine air filter
  • Check and replace spark plugs
  • Tire rotation: This ensures even wear on your tires, which can help prevent blowouts and leaking and maintain a smooth ride.
  • Tire balancing: Balancing your tires prevents wear, which can significantly improve tire life.

By following your vehicle owner’s manual and having your vehicle inspected and maintained regularly, you can greatly reduce problems and save money in the long run. Call Arden’s at (920) 203-3694 to get started with your regular preventative maintenance plan.

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